The Boy

Avinoam and Barak, a father and son from the Gaza Strip, each face the approaching war in their own way. Barak wants to stop everything and Avinoam wants to stop Barak. They both comfort each other. One night when Barak disappears, Avinoam will be forced to accept that his child needs help.
WHY WE LIKE THIS FILM: A tragic intersection of art and real life. Young filmmaker Yahav Winner was murdered in the initial Hamas attack on Israel while protecting his wife Shaylee and their baby Shaya (who survived). Winner’s award winning short drama is about the psychological impact of dealing with the constant threat of attack while living in K’far Aza by the border, where Winner died. You can donate to a fund for ShayLee and Shaya at (note that donation amounts are in New Israel Shekels.)

Presented as Part Of Shorts Showcase

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YEAR: 2023
RUN TIME: 26 Minutes
PREMIERE STATUS: Southwest Premiere




DIRECTOR(S):Yahav Winner
CAST:Yoram Toledano, Nimrod Peleg