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AJFF 365 – Our Monthly Film Series Subscription

AJFF365 film programs will be presented virtually for the foreseeable future—here’s how this works:

  • AJFF365 Films are special showings created just for us, and the titles are not available from public Video On Demand platforms.
  • Films are available to watch for a limited window only, typically just a few days.
  • We’ll provide a link to pre-purchase your ticket to view the film. One ticket will cover both the film and the Q+A event, if part of the program.
  • AJFF365 Pass holders do not need to purchase a ticket; they’ll receive an email with instructions on how to participate for free.
  • Once the exhibition window becomes open and you start watching the film, you’ll have a fixed amount of time to complete your viewing (usually about 48 hours).
  • Any Q+A program associated with a screening will take place at a set date and time and be run as a Zoom Webinar. The Webinar will also be recorded and made available for later viewing.

We strongly encourage you to purchase an AJFF365 Pass. At $120 for 12 rolling months of access to AJFF’s Monthly Film Series, this is great value, saving you significantly compared to purchasing individual tickets. By becoming an AJFF365 Pass holder, you also help support the Austin Jewish Film Festival during these difficult times, and we hope many of you will take this opportunity to sign up.

Access to the annual Austin Jewish Film Festival is NOT included with this Pass.