Dolphin boy alternative audio

What is an alternative audio file?  Many of our movies are in a language other than English, and for some audience members who are visually impaired or unable to read the English subtitles, having an English audio track to listen to is preferable.

Note that the alternative audio file is not a dubbed version of the film – it is an MP3 audio file of a volunteer reading the English subtitles. We recommend that you still listen to the original soundtrack playing in the background at a modest level.   The original soundtrack will include additional audio such as effects, music, etc., that you will want to be able to hear. 

How do I use the alternative audio?   You will need a playback device (such as a smartphone or tablet) and your own set of headphones or earbuds.

The simplest way to use this is to press the green button below, which should start the playback.  Note that you will need an internet connection—either your phone’s data network, or to use the WiFi at the venue.  If you are able to download the file in advance to your device, this will be more reliable and will mean that you aren’t dependent on a network connection.  

The way to use this file will differ slightly, depending on whether you are using it at an in-person event or watching online.

If you are watching at an in-person event, you should cue up the file (i.e., have it loaded, rewound to the very beginning, and paused).  When it is about time to start the file (after our brief AJFF intro video), a 10-second countdown will be shown on screen – press the play button when you see “NOW” on screen.

If you are watching the film through our streaming site, press play on your phone or tablet media player at the same time as the movie begins (right after our brief AJFF intro video).   Note that if you pause the movie, you should pause your audio at the same time to keep them in synch.