Watch our 2023 Sizzle Reel.

Some of the parties, Q&As, and other fun at recent AJFF events.


Check out the 2023 festival schedule. Note that you can view, filter, and sort the information to your heart’s content!


What?  Great films, programs with cast members, fun parties, opportunities to socialize with festival goers.


  • Opening Night: Thursday, November 2nd.
  • Saturday-Sunday, November 4th and 5th.
  • Saturday, November 11th and Closing Night: Sunday, November 12th.

Where?  At the Dell Jewish Community Center (Dell JCC) in Northwest Austin. 

Many (but not all) films will also be available online in our virtual section which will run from Nov. 13-19.


  • Become a supporter.  Several different levels are available with different benefits, OR
  • Buy a Festival Pass (festival access only) or a Combo Pass (access to the festival AND AJFF365 events for a full 12 months), OR
  • Buy tickets to individual film events.  Tickets are available from the individual film pages, accessible from our festival guide.

See the detailed matrix on our Supportership page for a comparison of  levels and how supporterhips, passes, donations, and tickets are different.


Where exactly will the festival be at the Dell JCC?

For all events, enter through the main building (J).  Once past the front desk, you will find our box office in the Jennifer & David Kaufman Family Living Room.

Our main screen will be in the Gloria & Harvey Evans Performance Center.

Our second screen will be in the Linda & Keith Zimmerman Family Multi-purpose Rooms.

Parties are expected to be in the Kaufman Family Living Room, which is also a great place to hang out between screenings.

What's the difference between buying a pass and becoming a supporter?

AJFF provides a choice of two passes—a Festival Pass provides access for one person to all festival events (including online); a Combo Pass includes all the benefits of the Festival Pass and also provides access to all AJFF365 year-round programs for one person.

Passes are not transferrable and only permit the passholder entry to events.  They do not contain any donation element and thus are not tax-deductible.

Rather than purchasing a pass, you may choose to become a supporter of AJFF. Supporterships are available at different levels, with different benefits.  But all supporterships have the following features:

  • Benefits are flexible—they can be used for the supporter and guests.
  • Benefits extend to the 2023 Festival and AJFF365 events over the next 12 months.
  • Supporters automatically get a 20% discount off extra guest tickets when all their included free tickets are used up.
  • Most of the supportership cost is a tax deductible contribution; that portion can be paid from a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) or other tax advantaged account.
  • Supporters are recognized on our website and on screen.  They also receive a gift package as a special “thank you.”
This year, passholders and supporters need tickets. Why is that necessary?

As more patrons return to theaters and attend events in person, we may have sold-out programs. To guarantee seats for everyone who wants to attend an event, we ask that passholders and supporters order (free) tickets (up to the limit of the supportership level) and come to the theater 20 minutes before showtime.

Also, for some events like parties, we have to make commitments to vendors for food and other items based on the number of attendees.  By requiring everyone to have a ticket, we can provide a more accurate count of the number of people expected.

As a passholder or supporter you can easily order tickets online by logging in to our website, then going to the events you want to attend.  Select the free ticket option, add it to the cart, and check out at no charge.

You may also get tickets at the onsite box office during the festival if there are still unsold seats.  However, we encourage you to order online in advance to avoid possible disappointment. 

If you have difficulty ordering online, contact us at including your name, phone number, and the events you want to attend and we will contact you to help with ticketing.

What's the difference between making a donation and becoming a supporter?

Donations are 100% tax deductible and include no benefits other than recognition.  

Supporterships are mostly tax deductible, but they also include benefits that the supporter can use to attend Festival and AJFF365 events.  

If you want to support AJFF and intend on coming to at least some events over the next 12 months, you should select a supportership.