Policies – Austin Jewish Film Festival




Festivalgoers must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the film program. In the event of a sellout, late arriving FESTIVAL BADGE, FLEX PASS and ticket-holders cannot be guaranteed a seat.


Unoccupied seats may be sold 15 minutes before show time and any existing FESTIVAL BADGE, FLEX PASS, or ticket reservations may be released at that time.


All film screenings are open seating, with seats occupied on a first-come, first-served basis (except GROUP BULK ticket purchases). FESTIVAL BADGE holders are seated first, followed by PREMIUM ADMISSION, and FLEX PASS holders, then GENERAL ADMISSION. GROUP BULK TICKET purchasers will have reserved seating. RUSH tickets will be last to enter the theater on a space available basis. All festivalgoers must exit the auditorium at the conclusion of each screening.


AJFF strives to provide a safe, pleasant, and secure environment for festivalgoers. All cell phones and other electronic devices inside the auditorium must be turned OFF prior to the introduction of each film. Please do not text or check devices during screenings—their lit screens are distracting to others. The use of cameras or recording devices of any kind is strictly prohibited during the screenings. Please take all personal belongings and litter with you as you exit the theater. AJFF is not responsible for personal items left behind at the theater venues.


AJFF screenings are monitored with the assistance of Austin Police Department officers. AJFF reserves the right to search the personal belongings of any attendee inside the theater. AJFF reserves the right to refuse entry or to eject from the theater any disruptive attendees. No guns, knives, explosives, or other weapons are allowed at AJFF events.


For further information or questions, contact the AJFF at info@austinjff.org.