Supportership – Choose Your Level

Our previous Membership program has been replaced with a new enhanced Supportership program—benefits are more flexible, more of your payment is recognized as a tax-deductible donation. Supporterships subsidize AJFF by including a tax-deductible contribution in addition to benefits such as attending events.

If you would prefer to make an outright donation and not receive benefits, please make a donation instead.

Prefer not to transact online?  Download our supportership form that you can mail back to us.

Not sure what’s right for you?  See the detailed matrix at the end of this page.

Important: log in to your account first (by clicking “Sign In” at at the top right of this page) and the item options below may change, depending on your current account status. Don’t see what you want? Contact with your contact details and we’ll follow up with you

Details on Supporter Benefits
Early Entry

Event sponsors and their guests who are in line for films 25 minutes before showtime are admitted before anyone else, providing them with a choice of any seats in the venue.

Supporters with tickets who are in line for films 20 minutes before showtime are admitted after sponsors and are guaranteed seating.

Guest Tickets (Presenter/Premium Supporters)

In addition to their other priveleges, Presenter and Premium supporters receive tickets for guests to attend the supporter’s sponsored event. Your guests should be in line at the theater 25 minutes before showtime to be admitted first-in-line, along with the sponsor, so they can choose any seat in the theater.

AJFF Sneak Peek / AJFF Connect Extra Benefits
Tax deductible contribution.

This is the value of your contribution to the festival above and beyond the determined fair market value of benefits used.
If you intend to pay for your supportership through a Donor Advised Fund, this is also the maximum amount that your fund will typically pay. The balance must be paid directly by you. Contact us if you need to make such a split payment.
Consult your tax professional for specific advise on tax deductions.

Recognition On screen

You will be listed on screen before each movie, in addition to being listed online. If you do not wish your name to be listed, please tell us to make this listing anonymous.

Recognition Online

All supporters’ names will be listed on our website at the appropriate level with larger fonts used for higher level contributors. If you do not wish your name to be listed, please tell us to make this an anonymous membership.

Detailed Comparison of Supporterships/Passes/Donations/Tickets