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The Angel of History

A border in Europe. A painting by Paul Klee. A poem by Walter Benjamin. A film about borders, escape and migration. About yesterday and today, and how difficult it is to recognize one behind the other.

Length: 10 minutes

Director: Eric Esser

Writer: Eric Esser

The Angel of History trailer

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L’Inspection (The Inspection)

Julia, an experienced history teacher in a rather quiet high school, faces a school inspector. He wants to talk to her. But what about, exactly? Her heated debates with the principal? The freedom she takes with the school program? Or the way she teaches the Shoah?

Length:  16 minutes

Director: Caroline Brami and Frédéric Bas

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Introduction from directors Caroline Brami and Frédéric Bas.

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Majesty and Tenderness: The Art of Maurice Schmidt

Majesty and Tenderness: The Art of Maurice Schmidt is a rare glimpse into the genius of a very unusual Texas artist who finds the majesty of beauty in everything. His artistic vision of over seventy prolific years, peers through a unique lens of Judaism, claiming that over decades of study, he has become “one with the Torah”. As an articulate academician, Maurice Schmidt candidly describes how his spiritual interpretations become a congruent mastery of beautiful craftsmanship and pure visceral expression that plays out seamlessly through his powerfully dynamic portrayals of daily life, agricultural landscapes and religious subjects.

Length: 28 minutes

Director: Vanessa Reiser

Introduction from producer Ben Livingston and director Vanessa Reiser.
Majesty and Tenderness: The Art of Maurice Schmidt trailer.

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A Common Goal (online)

Almost half the players on the Israeli National Soccer Team are Muslim, including the captain. The team’s diverse group of players causes controversy, especially during an important European tournament, most of it provoked by racist fans and the media. The players have their loyalty questioned by all sides while trying to guide Israel’s national team through the year’s biggest international challenge.

Adult language.

Length: 52 minutes

Director: Shuki Guzik

Writer: Shai Lahav

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Here We Are (online)

Aharon has devoted his life to raising his son Uri. They live together in a gentle routine, away from the real world. But Uri is autistic, and now as a young adult it might be time for him to live in a specialized home. While on their way to the institution, Aharon decides to run away with his son and hits the road, knowing that Uri is not ready for this separation. Or is it, in fact, his father who is not ready?

Brief nudity.

Length: 92 minutes

Cast: Shai Avivi

Director: Nir Bergman

Writer: Dana Idisis

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40 Chess Boards

In Argentina in 1939, while the World Chess Championship was taking place, breaking news shocked the participants: Germany had invaded Poland and World War II had erupted. Many great masters were stranded away from their home countries, and began to organize exhibitions in order to make their living. One of them searched for something else.

Length: 18 minutes

Cast: Juan Nemirovsky, Jorge De la Rosa, Cristian Marchesi

Director: Alfonso Gastiaburo

Writer: Alfonso Gastiaburo

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Rachel’s Goodwill

The ”Taliban Women” is the nickname for a growing band of ultra-orthodox women in Israel who choose to wear a hooded garment similar to a Muslim burka. From behind her veil, Rachel defies accepted definitions of gender, religion, and freedom.

Length: 10 minutes

Cast: Rubi Blal Asfour, Yiftach Betsaleli Teltsch

Director: Yochay Rosenberg

Writer: Yochay Rosenberg

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40 Nickels

Norm, a Jewish immigrant boy growing up during the Great Depression in St. Louis, dreams of flying in an airplane. When an airfield near his home offers a 10-minute flight for two dollars, Norm gets hopeful about fulfilling his dream. His parents, survivors of pogroms – anti-Semitic attacks, are protective, and claim that a flight in an airplane is dangerous. Even so, Norm saves up his ice cream money, a nickel at a time, to pay for a short flight. But, when he discovers the truth about how his mother’s family was killed in the Old Country, he gets cold feet. Norm must decide whether to continue living in the shadow of family trauma or break free and fulfill his dream.

Length: 27 minutes

Cast: Grayson Taylor, Carole Forman, Te’ena Klien, Leo Grinberg, Catharine Ashmore Bradley

Director: Yasmin Gorenberg

Writer: Yasmin Gorenberg, Myra Noveck

Introduction from director Yasmin Gorenberg.
40 Nickels trailer.

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Round Three

Ofira (67), a recently retired teacher, refuses to become a victim of routine life and decides to revive an old dream – becoming a painter. With no support from her family, Ofira faces the white canvas, when in fact she is facing herself, to paint the rest of her life.

Length: 20 minutes

Cast: Dina Limon, Rami Baruch, Ofra Weingarten, Gal Aviv-Kalderon

Director: Shahar Shamay

Writer: Shahar Shamay, Osnat Friedman, Hadas Klein

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Matt wants to find his late mother’s “Beefies” recipe for a pandemic Passover, but finds he must reconnect with his estranged brother to do so. Matt will have to figure out her fractured recipe, or burn down his kitchen trying.

Length: 9Minutes 41 Seconds

Cast: Salome Mergia, Goran Ivanovski, Molly Gray, Adam Lebowitz-Lockard

Director: Adam Lebowitz-Lockard

Writer: Adam Lebowitz-Lockard

Introduction from director Adam Lebowitz-Lockard
Beefies trailer

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