40 Nickels

Norm, a Jewish immigrant boy growing up during the Great Depression in St. Louis, dreams of flying in an airplane. When an airfield near his home offers a 10-minute flight for two dollars, Norm gets hopeful about fulfilling his dream. His parents, survivors of pogroms – anti-Semitic attacks, are protective, and claim that a flight in an airplane is dangerous. Even so, Norm saves up his ice cream money, a nickel at a time, to pay for a short flight. But, when he discovers the truth about how his mother’s family was killed in the Old Country, he gets cold feet. Norm must decide whether to continue living in the shadow of family trauma or break free and fulfill his dream.

Length: 27 minutes

Cast: Grayson Taylor, Carole Forman, Te’ena Klien, Leo Grinberg, Catharine Ashmore Bradley

Director: Yasmin Gorenberg

Writer: Yasmin Gorenberg, Myra Noveck

Introduction from director Yasmin Gorenberg.
40 Nickels trailer.

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