When health food guru “Sproutman” dies suddenly, his widow must confront not only her loss but an entire way of life. Surrounded by groomed lawns, organic shops and youthful bodies, she navigates yoga mudras, jade eggs, and online dating while her teenage son grows increasingly alienated. If bean sprouts can”t bring them together, what will? Filmed on location in the scenic Berkshires, this quirky, funny, and heartwarming short is the fiction debut of Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Cynthia Wade. Winner of 14 film festival awards.

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They met in secret to negotiate the unthinkable – compensation for the survivors of the largest mass genocide in history. Survivors were in urgent need of help, but how could reparations be determined for the unprecedented destruction and suffering of a people? Reckonings explores this untold true story set in the aftermath of the Holocaust. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Roberta Grossman, Reckonings recounts the tense negotiations between Jewish and German leaders. Under the constant threat of violence, they forged ahead, knowing it would never be enough but hoping it could at least be an acknowledgement and a step towards healing.

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Gefilte Fish

On its surface, Gefilte Fish is a story of one family meal in the Bronx. That brief moment in time connects past, present, and future, revealing trauma from the Holocaust, incest, and loss of parents — and the silence that perpetuates the pain.

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Two actresses wait to audition for the role of a lifetime. That role? Anne Frank. What could go wrong?

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