Dirty Tricks

Hold on to your spades and hearts, the game of bridge is about to shock you. It is the most popular card game in the world, but competitive bridge is as far from a retirement home tournament as you can imagine. With cut-throat competition, million-dollar endorsements and celebrity-like followings, bridge is now an international sport. So when the world’s best player, child prodigy Lotan Fisher from Israel, is accused of cheating by none other than his nemesis and former teammate Boye Brogeland of Norway, a scandal of dirty tricks ensues. Is this simply a case of sour grapes or is high-end bridge a complete sham? Fashion icon Isaac Mizrahi, expert bridge strategists and even top criminal scientists all weigh in on what could be the most absurdly outrageous fall from grace in the game’s history. Forget what you thought you knew about your grandmother’s bridge game.

Adult language.

Cast: Lotan Fisher

Director: Daniel Sivan

Writer: Daniel Sivan

Invitation from Lotan Fisher, star of Dirty Tricks.
Dirty Tricks trailer.

Screening will be accompanied by a Q&A.

Q&A panel with director Daniel Sivan and film subject Lotan Fisher will play immediately after the film in-theater and be available as bonus content for virtual participants.

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