Country: Israel

Two Women

A nuanced adaptation of Amos Oz’ short story, starring Naomi Levov (On the Spectrum) and Tali Sharon (Norman). In 1958, a kibbutznik leaves his wife for another woman. The two women then begin communicating by letter.

Perfect Strangers

Seven childhood friends with a lot of shared history and experiences, and a mutual death from their past, meet for dinner to watch a rare lunar eclipse. Their standard bourgeois encounter takes an unexpected turn when they start playing a game that will change the course of their lives forever: each text message, call or notification they receive on their phones is revealed for all to see. Betrayals, lies, secrets and unresolved issues dating back 20 years simmer to the surface and put their long standing friendships to the test.

One Last Wish

Based on ”What, Of this Goldfish, Would You Wish?” by Etgar Keret. In this bitter-sweet animation, the Fisherman and the Fish folk tale comes to life. A lonely fisherman has a magical goldfish, who grants him three wishes. He already used two wishes to help others in need. Now he is facing a grave decision; after accidentally killing a stranger, he must choose whether to keep his last wish and become a murderer. Or to use it to save a stranger”s life, but in doing so he will lose the only thing that truly matters, his friend.


Meir and Tova (60) live in a middle-class suburb and have been in a dull and sleepy relationship for years. When a new neighbor moves into the upper penthouse of their building, their whole world is turned upside down. Attractive, showy, modern, Itsik is everything they”re not. As they lose themselves into a noxious fascination, their lust for life is slowly reignited.


A mother, a father and two daughters are on their way to a holiday feast. The girls are sleeping peacefully in the back seat, but their tranquility is disturbed when their dad hears a beloved song and tries to share the experience with them. A terrific and relatable comedy starring the filmmaker”s real-life family.

Cinema Rex

In the divided city of Jerusalem in 1938, a Jewish boy and an Arab girl form a special friendship at The Cinema Rex based on one mutual language – the language of cinema.

Between Walls

Within the borders of the Old City of Jerusalem Platoon C, a special army unit, is there to keep things calm and secure. The platoon includes a unique combination of characters from all corners of Israeli society, supporting each other in their difficult task. Despite daily tensions and also violence at this most special place on earth, the soldiers strive to achieve external and internal peace each day from a new.