Hidden Face – Austin Jewish Film Festival

Hidden Face


“A unique journey about a rabbi who experienced personal desolation and succeeded in rehabilitating his and his community’s life.”


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There will be a program following the film with Dr. Baruch and Shira Schmidt. The Schmidts live in the Sanz Chassidic community in Israel, where “Hidden Face” was filmed. The Schmidts are key participants in the film and will conduct a Q&A with the audience after the screening.

The Admor of Sanz-Klausenburg was a rabbi who experienced personal devastation, and despite this succeeded in rehabilitating his own life and that of his Chassidic community. Through his heroic story, the film presents the narratives of the Holocaust as told by different members of the ultra-Orthodox community. “Hidden Face” presents the complex relationship between ultra-Orthodox Jews and the memory of the Holocaust. Through rare archival footage and interviews with Sanz Chassidim it reveals the ways they experience the revival and spiritual victory over the Nazis and pass it on to the ensuing generations, while dealing with the biggest question of all—where was God during the Holocaust?

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3 – 4:30 PM – Regal Arbor 8 @ Great Hills

Preceded by the short film “100 Faces”

Q&A following the film with Dr. Baruch and Shira Schmidt.

A film introduction and trailers will be presented prior to each screening.

Last-minute schedule changes happen.


Eyal Datz






54 minutes


Hebrew (with subtitles)


Family Friendly

Community Partners

Congregation Tiferet Israel, Kormim Texas & Congregation Shir Ami


November 3, 2018