Xueta Island (online)

Some Catholics on the Spanish island of Mallorca have been discriminated against for centuries because their surnames have a connection to a Jewish heritage. They not only endured stigma and humiliation: they were also deprived of fundamental rights as citizens. While a few have been inspired to return to the faith of their ancestors, their recent entry into the leadership of the local Jewish community has caused an unforeseen controversy among its members. Are they the best suited to lead Mallorquin Judaism despite not having practiced their faith for centuries?

Length: 65 minutes

Director: Dani Rotstein, Felipe Wolokita, and Ofer Laszewicki

Writer: Marta Hierro

Introduction from director Dani Rotstein.
Xueta Island trailer.

Screening will be accompanied by a Q&A.

Q&A with directors Dani Rotstein and Felipe Wolokita will play immediately after the film in-theater and be available as bonus content for virtual participants.

Note: Films are geo-blocked to Texas.
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