The Musicians

Roman Cudakowski, for friends – Cudak – plays in a band performing at weddings and city events. During the occupation, the musician is not doing well. He can make some extra money by performing for the Germans, who simply cannot imagine a musical band without a fiddler. Cudak decides to sneak a talented musician, Szymon Akerman, out of the ghetto, even though before the war they did not see eye to eye. In this new reality surrounding them, they find they need each other. Cudak makes money by playing with Akerman, who in turn gets to live. One day Roman decides to aid the fiddler by rescuing him and his family from the ghetto and hiding them in his home risking his life.

Length: 82 minutes

Cast: Andrzej Kłak

Director: Anna Kazejak

Writer: Marek Kreutz

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The Musicians trailer.

Screening will be accompanied by a Q&A.

Q&A with director Anna Kazejak will play immediately after the film in-theater and be available as bonus content for virtual participants.

Note: Films are geo-blocked to Texas.
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