The Museum

“Exhilarating… a masterful look at the Israel Museum, which goes much deeper than a conventional documentary.” (The Jerusalem Post)
Renowned Israeli director Ran Tal takes a behind-the-scenes look at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem over a period of 18 months. This documentary goes inside the museum to observe its daily life, noting how it brings together a colorful cast of characters—the American museum director, The Jerusalemite curator, the Haredi kashrut inspector, custodians, artists, a singing security guard, tour guides, volunteers, soldiers, art lovers and others—from all over Jerusalem, Israel, and the world. We are also given insight into the Museum’s attempts to incorporate Palestinian representation into its collection. Tal’s elegantly shot film shows us not only a microcosm of Israeli society, but also how this institution seeks to both reflect and mold Israeli history and culture.

Film: 74 minutes

Director: Ran Tal

Production country: Israel

Year: 2017

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