The Good Nazi

Nazi major Karl Plagge arrived in Vilnius, Lithuania, as part of the occupation force during WWII. With the SS hellbent on murdering every Jewish man, woman and child, Plagge decided to save Jews rather than murder them. On the surface, he was commandant of the HKP forced labor camp; in reality, he was sheltering hundreds of Jewish families. By the end, many were saved, but many more were executed by the SS and buried in a mass grave. With the government about to tear down the former HKP site, a group of scientists arrives to locate the hiding places of those who were saved and identify the mass grave of the murdered. The film tracks the stories of a child survivor of the camp, an American physician whose mother was saved by Plagge, and Plagge himself.

Film: 52 minutes

Directors: Ric Esther Bienstock, Yaron Niski

Production countries: Canada, Israel

Year: 2019

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