Shorts Program 2: Truth and Drama

A mix of longer shorts, both documentaries and fiction:

  • Long Distance (Israel, 20 mins.)
    Rachel is losing her sight to the point she can”t even manage doing the smallest daily functions, like dialing the phone. She opens her door to passing by strangers, on a tiny but significant journey, to reach out to her daughter, on the other side of the world.
  • Taking Steps (Israel, 22 mins.)
    Stav, newly married, is about to fly abroad with her husband for the mountain trek of his dreams. When she breaks her foot a week before they are due to leave, the couple must settle for a much less glamorous trip. But for Stav at least, it”s a journey that will allow her to examine for the first time ever, her needs and desires within the relationship.
  • Image of Victory (Israel, 29 mins.)
    July 2014. Israel is at war in Gaza. Uri, an Israeli soldier, is shot and wounded. At the hospital, he is welcomed as a hero. Between treatments and visits from high-profile generals and celebrities, Uri and his family reckon with his new status. An insider’s look at how war as a state-of-mind is shaping Israeli society.
  • Majesty and Tenderness (USA, 28 mins.) WORLD PREMIERE
    Majesty and Tenderness: The Art of Maurice Schmidt is a rare glimpse into the genius of a very unusual Texas artist who finds the majesty of beauty in everything. His artistic vision of over seventy prolific years, peers through a unique lens of Judaism, claiming that over decades of study, he has become “one with the Torah”. As an articulate academician, Maurice Schmidt candidly describes how his spiritual interpretations become a congruent mastery of beautiful craftsmanship and pure visceral expression that plays out seamlessly through his powerfully dynamic portrayals of daily life, agricultural landscapes and religious subjects.

Program length:  99 minutes

Screening will be accompanied by a Q&A.

Live in-person Q&A with director Vanessa Reiser of Majesty and Tenderness will play immediately after the film in-theater.