Out of Play

Bar (12), a longtime member of the boys group and the class”s soccer team, dominates the field more than ever and scores the winning goal at her school’s semi-final soccer tournament. So when the team’s captain announces opening the fixed line -up for voting, she isn”t worried. Following their first sex education class, Bar senses a change in the group and feels the need to ensure her getting enough votes until the end of the school day. While going from one friend to another, having a hard time getting what she wishes for, she starts to realize that a deeper issue is at stake.

Adult language.

Length:  20 minutes

Cast: Talma Tal, Netanel Bondi, Ori Sardam, Ori Assraf Shimon, Roi Chaluya, Dolev Ashurov, Jonathan Burg, Noam Marom, Yam Teper, Itai Abayan, Ofek Peretz, Zohar Shitrit, Tsafi (Tsafra) Shimoni, Anna Anat Gofman Banai

Director: Romi Menachem

Writer: Romi Menachem

Introduction from director Romi Menachem.
Out of Play trailer.

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