Music and the Movies

How does music affect our movie watching experience? What is the process for creating a  movie sound track? Hear the answers to these questions and ask your own in a free Q&A session with award winning composers and musicians Ishai Adar from Israel, and British born Chistopher Gubisch from Los Angeles.

Ishai Adar is a self-educated musician, composer and multidisciplinary artist who uses uncommon methods and techniques, giving his work a uniquely atmospheric character. He started his career in the post-punk band The Top-Hat Carriers and later released several influential experimental electronic albums. A cinema enthusiast who enjoys exploring the pas de deux between image and sound, Ishai’s work includes 2008 Academy Award nominated Beaufort (dir: Joseph Cedar), Sundance 2010 winner A Film Unfinished (dir: Yael Hersonski), SXSW 2016 winner, Mr. Gaga (dir: Tomer Heymann) and HBO’s mini series Our Boys. Ishai is based in Tel Aviv and is the Head of the Sound & Music for Cinema department at Sapir College in Sderot, Israel.

Christopher Gubisch is a British-born composer and producer living in Los Angeles, California. He has produced, performed and toured with many Los Angeles bands. As a composer, his music has been featured on TV shows, commercials and film trailers throughout the world. Chicago-area natives will instantly recognize his earworm jingle for Luna Carpet, his first commercial gig. TV shows include FX Network’s critically-acclaimed drama Damages, as well as underscore for Dateline NBC, National Geographic Explorer, Ancient Aliens and Destination Truth among many others. He has also written the music for three of Dani Menkin’s documentaries, 39 Pounds of Love, Picture of His Life and most recently Aulcie.

Cast: Isahai Adar, Christopher Gubisch