An intimate, insightful, and moving film, “Leona” tells the story of Ariela, a young Jewish woman from Mexico City who finds herself torn between her family and her forbidden love. Ripe with all the drama and interpersonal conflicts of a Jane Austen novel, the film follows Ariela as she negotiates the labyrinth of familial pressure, religious precedent, and her own burgeoning sentiment. Her journey is both painful and beautiful—there are no easy choices to be made, and the viewer travels back and forth with her as she struggles with her heart to take the best path. NUDITY, MATURE SITUATIONS.

Note:  Film ticket includes free ticket to live Q&A with director Isaac Cherem on March 14.

Year: 2021

Film length: 95 minutes

Cast: Naian González Norvind, Christian Vazquez, Carolina Politi, Daniel Adissi, and Margarita Sanz

Director: Isaac Cherem

Writers: Isaac Cherem, Naian González Norvind

Production country: Mexico

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