I Want to Make a Film About Women

‘I want to make a film about women’ is a speculative documentary love letter to Russian constructivist women. The new Soviet Union of the 1920s championed equality for women and great innovation in the creative arts. Until it didn”t. Looking back at that time, history remembers the men who were celebrated and then shut down. But women were there, too, and they were influential, powerful and brilliant. ‘I want to make a film about women’ gazes in to a creative communal kitchen and watches these women transform it into a workshop, then a stage set, then a film, all the while juggling noisy men and the wolves of history. It imagines what the revolutionary women artists of the 1920s said, what they did, and what they might have created had it not been for Stalin”s suppression.

Length: 12 minutes

Cast: Victoria Haralabidou, Liliya May, Inga Romantsova, Violette Ayad, Ever Sliter, Nadia Zwecker, Tug Dumbly and Richard James Allen

Director: Karen Pearlman

Writer: Karen Pearlman

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Introduction from director Karen Pearlman.
I Want to Make a Film About Women trailer.

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