Hummus! The Movie Q&A with director Oren Rosenfeld

Live Q&A with Oren Rosenfeld, director of HUMMUS! THE MOVIE

Oren Rosenfeld was born in Jerusalem on January 29, 1976. He started his career as a photojournalist covering the 2nd Palestinian Intifada. In 2010 Oren Founded his production company Holy-Land Productions. Rosenfeld directed and co-wrote Israel’s Arab Warriors for the BBC in October 2016, following the first unit of Israeli Arab soldiers to serve in the Israeli occupied West Bank.
His award-winning film Hummus The Movie stirred controversy when the Guinness Book of World records refused to send representatives to judge the world’s largest plate of hummus due to alleged security concerns. In 2017 Rosenfeld joined Jane Corbin to write and direct The Real Fauda, a BBC documentary about the real story behind the hit Netflix drama Fauda
In early 2018, Rosenfeld returned to India to continue production of Mumbai Jews a film about the long established Jewish community in Mumbai, and the significance of their cultural, social and political contributions to India. Mumbai Jews touches the story of Moshe Holtzberg, one of the survivors of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks. He was almost two years old when the attack orphaned him. Rosenfeld follows his return, 10 years later. The story focuses on Holtzberg’s nanny Sandra Samuel. 
Rosenfeld’s latest work Lost in Paradise Goa won the LIAFF award for Best Short Documentary.

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