Family Photo

A picture taken in 1919 shows the family of Kopel Gringras. He was a renowned photographer from Kielce. He operated the ”Foto Moderne” atelier, in which he took pictures of people from the area unMl the beginning of the Second World War. Kopel Gringras did not survive the Holocaust. He perished in Treblinka, along with his wife and nearly all of his children. The surviving copy of the Gringras family portrait is blurry, damaged, and out of focus. Roman Gringras, Kopel’s grandson, now living in Paris, enlists the help of his sister from Warsaw and cousin from Israel to find the original photograph in order to get to see the faces of his ancestors clearly.

Length: 7 minutes

Director: Jakub Duszyński

Writer: Jakub Duszyński

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Introduction from director Jakub Duszyński.

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