Bukra fil Mish Mish – Q&A

Q&A with filmmaker Tal Michael

Tal Michael born in 1974 is a film & TV director and content editor. Michael is a graduate with honors of the film and Television dept. at Tel Aviv University, and a former PhD student in Comparative Literature. Among her works are the films Hunger (2020); Bukra fil Mish-Mish (2019 – award winner in the Jerusalem JFF); Israeli Hero (2018); Call Me Ovadya (2018); Around the bed of a Dying Collaborator” (co-director with David Ofek; best medium length film in Krakow Film Festival 2019); Israel is not waiting…“; Pitbulls: Flesh&Blood (2014) ; the documentary series: My Little Empire” (2006); Candidates (2018), The Israeli Connection (2011, 2013); Vacum (2011, 2015); The Story and MABAT Sheni” (2012-2016) ; Bench Player (best Drama film, Haifa film Festival 2002) ; andNo Rain (best script, best actor- America Israel prizes);

Her works have been included in international festivals and acquired by various channels in Israel and abroad.

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