Angelica (online)

Boris Schatz left two of Israel’s most important institutions – The Israel Museum and The Bezalel Art Academy – as his legacy, along with an endless collection of important, seminal works of art. His life ended while gathering donations for Bezalel, then on the brink of bankruptcy, without ever reaping the fruits of his labor. Another chapter of his biography seems to have disappeared – the kidnapping of his daughter, Angelica, by her mother who had fallen in love with one of his students. This was an event that became crucial to the Israeli art world, but also to Angelica’s life. The discovery of a chain of letters in the Zionist Archives, along with a roll of paintings in an attic, send the film’s director, Angelica’s great-grandson, to investigate Boris and Angelica’s tragic relationship, forever baring the revengeful seal of her father and his new family.

Length:  75 minutes

Director: Dan Pe’er

Angelica trailer.

Screening will be accompanied by a Q&A.

Q&A with director Dan Pe’er will play immediately after the film in-theater and be available as bonus content for virtual participants.

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