Director(s): Nicolas Pariser
2023 |
102 min |
Drama, Mystery
Jul 28
Amid a performance a comedian from the Comédie Française is murdered by poisoning right in front of a dumbfounded audience.
Director(s): Dina Perlstein
2022 |
169 min |
Argentina, Israel
Drama, Mystery
Aug 18
A terrorist attack on a Jewish community centre in Argentina not only has tragic consequences for those affected, but also brings to light a family secret that had been swept under the carpet for 22 years. In her latest thriller, ultra-orthodox director Dina Perlstein skilfully combines secret service investigations with personal research, politics with family drama, and high tension with melodrama.
Director(s): Benny Fredman
2023 |
111 min |
Jul 7
A young and recently married Orthodox man''s dream to open a computer store in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalem turns into a violent nightmare when the entire neighborhood sees him as an existential threat.