Director(s): Nicolas Pariser
2023 |
102 min |
Drama, Mystery
Jul 28
Amid a performance a comedian from the Comédie Française is murdered by poisoning right in front of a dumbfounded audience.
Director(s): Dina Perlstein
2022 |
169 min |
Argentina, Israel
Drama, Mystery
Aug 18
A terrorist attack on a Jewish community centre in Argentina not only has tragic consequences for those affected, but also brings to light a family secret that had been swept under the carpet for 22 years. In her latest thriller, ultra-orthodox director Dina Perlstein skilfully combines secret service investigations with personal research, politics with family drama, and high tension with melodrama.
Director(s): Seth Kramer, Daniel A. Miller, Jeremy Newberger
2023 |
77 min |
Documentary, Sports
Jun 16
In 2021, Israel’s baseball team competed in the Olympics for the first time. They learn quickly that representing Israel on the world stage is not just fun and games.
Director(s): Benny Fredman
2023 |
111 min |
Jul 7
A young and recently married Orthodox man''s dream to open a computer store in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalem turns into a violent nightmare when the entire neighborhood sees him as an existential threat.
Director(s): Michael Winterbottom
2024 |
121 min |
Italy, United Kingdom
Central Texas premiere
May 27
A political thriller that unfolds during the British Mandate in 1930s Tel Aviv, following two British police officers, Thomas Wilkin and Geoffrey Morton, in their hunt for poet and Zionist activist Avraham Stern, who is plotting to evict British authorities. The film employs the ill-fated, cross-cultural relationship between a ranking member of the British Palestine Police Force and a young Jewish woman to explore the way extremism and violence push people apart, forcing them to choose sides.