Keep Quiet
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Known for his anti-Semitic comments, and the founding of an anti-Semitic group, Csanad Szegedi, discovers he’s Jewish….now what?

Director: Joseph Martin, Sam Blair
Genre: Documentary
Running: 90 min.
Language: Hungarian, German, English (with subtitles)
Country: Hungary, UK
Year: 2016
Contains Mature Language
How do you react when the foundations of your life are shaken? While in college, Csanad Szegedi founded the Nazi-inspired Hungarian Guard. Then he became vice-president of Jobbik, Hungary’s far-right extremist party, where he regularly espoused anti-Semitic rhetoric. As a radical nationalist, he was appointed as a representative to the European Parliament. Then came a revelation: Szegedi’s maternal grandparents were Jewish—his beloved grandmother was an Auschwitz survivor! We follow Szegedi’s three-year journey under the guidance of Budapest’s Lubavitch rabbi to embrace his new-found religion, forced to confront the painful truths of his family’s past and his own wrongdoing. But is this astonishing transformation one of genuine reparation and spiritual awakening, or is he simply a desperate man with nowhere else to turn?
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