FLEX PASSES – Austin Jewish Film Festival


Purchasing a FLEX PASS is just like buying any other item in our ticketing system. Once you have bought a FLEX PASS and registered the user’s credentials, the holder may be able to show up to an event and gain entry, BUT if they didn’t make an advance reservation, it is possible the event may be sold out. We highly recommend that FLEX PASS holders make advance reservations to ensure they have a seat. If you have any difficulty with this process, please contact us at boxoffice@austinjff.org for assistance. Here are detailed instructions on how to buy and use a FLEX PASS: You can watch this video, or follow the detailed written instructions further down the page. Click the icon in the video pane to make it fullscreen.

  1. When you purchase a FLEX PASS you will prompted to register or login. If this is your first time using our Elevent ticketing system, you will need to register and it is important that you enter your first name, last name, and email address correctly as this data is used in managing your account and it is how we can find you in the system to grant you entry to events. If you are a returning user, login with your email address and password.
  2. As part of the process of buying a FLEX PASS you will be asked for credential information – first name, last name, and email address. If this FLEX PASS is for you, just enter the same information as you did when you registered on Elevent. However, you may be purchasing a FLEX PASS for another user – enter the FLEX PASS user’s information here.
  3. Complete the checkout process and you will receive an email entitled “Order Confirmation #XXXXXX – Austin Jewish Film Festival.” In that email will be the promo code required for you to book your “free” ticket for the Opening Night party and event from The Long Center box office website. If you prefer, you may instead email boxoffice@austinjff.org and ask to be put on the will call list for your Opening Night ticket.  AJFF will debit 3 credits for each use of the FLEX PASS for Opening Night. Note that all guests, including FLEX PASS  holders require tickets for the Opening Night event.
  4. Now that you have registered your credential information you can start using your benefits. You can do so immediately, or come back at any time to use any remaining credits you have on your FLEX PASS.
  5. At the AJFF website you can browse the different film events, then click the “Buy Tickets” button. If you are not currently logged in at this point, initially a list of tickets available to the general public will be shown as follows:
  6. Don’t add anything to your cart just yet. Click on “Login/Register” in the upper right hand corner to continue. You MUST be logged in in order for the system to recognize you and allow you to use your FLEX PASS.
  7. Login with the same email and password your created for the FLEX PASS credential.
  8. Click the blue “here” link to begin fulfilling your package (FLEX PASS). Then click the “fulfill package” button.
  9. Now you can order your free FLEX PASS tickets for this event up to the limit of your remaining FLEX PASS credits. Choose the number you want and click “Add to cart”.
  10. If you only want tickets for this event, check out now. However, if you want to order tickets for other events, click “Keep Shopping” in the lower right hand side of the page to return to the AJFF website. Navigate to other events and click “Buy Tickets” – your tickets for the first event will remain in your shopping cart. When you have finished selecting all the tickets you want in this session (up to the maximum credits remaining on your FLEX PASS), click “Continue to Checkout”.
  11. Any time you check out, the system will offer you the opportunity to donate to the festival. Feel free to do so!
  12. After you donate, or click “Not Today,” just click “Complete Fulfillment Purchase” and wait for the system to process your order. Once you see the “Order Complete” message you may close the window by clicking “Keep Shopping”.
  13. You will receive a confirmation email with order details including an order number. If for some reason you have any issues, please quote this order number in any correspondence. Attached to the email is a PDF of your ticket. Either print the ticket and bring it with you to the theater, or be prepared to show it to the usher on your phone. If you have ordered multiple tickets, be sure to print each of them.
  14. If you pre booked a ticket using the process above, as long as you show up 15 minutes or more before the showtime, you will have a seat at the event. Note that your seats will only be held until 15 minutes before showtime. If you are not already in line at the theater by then, the tickets are subject to cancellation. Head straight for the entrance line, skip the box office, and the usher will scan your ticket(s). In the event that you forget or lost your ticket, the usher can find it in the system using your name, but this slows down the line for everyone!
  15. One last note – usually at the festival there are some events that are free for everyone. To “buy” a ticket for a free event you will need to do so separately from fulfilling your FLEX PASS tickets. Just finish up your FLEX PASS reservations, log out, and you can then go back and reserve any free event tickets. If you are logged in to Elevent and in the process of fulfilling a package and try to obtain a ticket for a free event, you will get the message: “There are no tickets currently available. Please check back later.”

If you have any problems using your FLEX PASS, please email boxoffice@austinjff.org.