FESTIVAL BADGES – Austin Jewish Film Festival


  1. Once you obtain a FESTIVAL BADGE, you will receive an email entitled “Order Confirmation #XXXXXX – Austin Jewish Film Festival”. In that email will be the promo code required for you to book your free ticket for the Opening Night party and event from The Long Center box office website. If you prefer, you may instead email boxoffice@austinjff.org and ask to be put on the will call list for your free Opening Night ticket.  Note that all guests, including FESTIVAL BADGE holders require tickets for the Opening Night event
  2. Follow the “CLICK HERE TO PROVIDE YOUR CREDENTIAL INFORMATION” link in the FESTIVAL BADGE order confirmation email, then enter you first name, last name, and email address. It is vital that your information be entered accurately. If you show up at the Regal Arbor @ Great Hills and do not have your FESTIVAL BADGE, we can find you in our system using your name and still allow you to use your benefits. Emails will be sent to the email address on file, so it is critical that this is correct in order for us to be able to contact you. Finally, that email address is used to log into the system to check your account and make bookings if you have additional patron benefits.
  3. Once you have registered your credential information, all you need to do is collect your FESTIVAL BADGE credential at the Opening Night event or at the AJFF Box Office during the weeklong Festival.
  4. No advance reservations are needed. The physical FESTIVAL BADGE is all you need to get into any film event at the Regal Arbor @ Great Hills – just be at the theater at least 15 minutes before showtime, head straight for the entrance line, skip the box office, the usher will scan your FESTIVAL BADGE and you will be in the first group to be admitted to the theater. In the event that you forget your FESTIVAL BADGE, the usher can find you in the system using your name, but this slows down the line for everyone!
  5. If you are not already in line at the theater by 15 minutes before showtime, seats reserved for FESTIVAL BADGE holders may be sold to people in the RUSH ticket line. At the busiest events there is a small chance that there may no longer be a seat for you, so please be sure to arrive on time.