2020 Festival – November 7-13

The 18th annual Austin Jewish Film Festival will be like no other! The number 18 is equivalent to chai, or “life” in Hebrew. What better way to affirm life than with a safe, vibrant expression of Jewish culture, even in the midst of a pandemic?!

The festival will consist of a safe, socially-distanced drive-in event for opening night, followed by a plethora of films and Q&A events in our Virtual Film Festival, and capped off by a final drive-in event for closing night.

We’re going to have MORE films than ever before, because this year we’re not limited by the number of theater showtimes. There’ll be something for everyone to watch. In addition to the kind of films you’ve come to know and love us for, we’ve also added new, edgier films this year, and we’ve brought back some of the “best of the fest” from years past. You’re sure to be spoiled by the choices we offer!

You won’t want to miss our Opening and Closing night drive-in events, where the films are just the start of the experience. You’ll enjoy food, pre-film entertainment, a top quality family-friendly film for opening night, plus a post screening Q&A. You’re going to remember this event for a long time!

For many in our audience, drive-ins will bring back pleasant memories; for others this will be a totally new experience. But, this is unlike the drive-in theaters of old. We’ll have a big screen set up on campus, with audio delivered via FM broadcast, so you use your car’s radio to listen with high quality sound. And we’ll be using the whole setup to provide fun, interactive entertainment before the feature starts, as well as a live Q&A with the filmmakers following the feature.

Thanks to our close partnership with Shalom Austin, the drive-in events will be on the campus of the Dell Jewish Community center on opening night (Saturday, November 7) and closing night (Thursday, November 12). Available spaces are strictly limited, so be sure to book early because these tickets are guaranteed to sell out fast.

Drive-in tickets work differently than any other events we’ve had before. The basic drive-in ticket includes entry for your car and two passengers. Each additional passenger beyond the first two requires their own add-on ticket, which provides for their food and entertainment.

Everyone in attendance will be required to have a drive-in ticket. Higher level members‘ drive-in tickets are included as part of their benefits package. ALL members get advanced access to drive-in tickets before the general public; however, Festival Pass members will have to purchase tickets, as they are not included in their packages.

Your safety is paramount to us, so this will be a safe, socially-distanced event, so you’ll be required to stay in your car during the event. But don’t worry, we have available restrooms and we’ll have a specific process for ensuring safe access when you need them.

See the policies page for some additional details.

Think of our Virtual Festival as kind of private Jewish Netflix for a week, but with the latest and greatest content you’ll only be able to see here. This year will will have more films than ever, including a wider variety of content than we’ve ever been able to offer before. and we’re also bringing back a some of your favorite films from festivals past. We’ll also have a few free films!

What’s super cool is that you’re in control—watch what you want, on the device you want, when you want during the entire festival week. Participate in live Q &As with filmmakers, or watch them later on our Vimeo channel.

Tickets will be available for individual films, but we think you’ll agree that our Virtual Festival Pass, with access to ALL virtual films and Q&As represents a fantastic value and is the most convenient option for most people. Virtual Festival Pass holders will also receive a discount on purchases of drive-in tickets. Virtual Festival Passes go on sale in October, but you can become a member now, and get additional benefits, and membership financially supports the festival.

AJFF has licensed one of the top Video On Demand platforms to deliver our festival, which will ensure the best viewing experience for everyone. This includes the option to watch on your phone, tablet, computer, or TV. See our how to watch page for details on how this works.

For additional details, see the policies page.