Austin Jewish Film Festival (AJFF) Strategic Overview

Mission Statement:

The Austin Jewish Film Festival (AJFF) promotes the love of Jewish films to the Central Texas community by screening movies and programming other events related to movies.

Who We Are:

  • An organization that presents Jewish films to a variety of audiences (In selecting “Jewish films,” the AJFF considers films with a Jewish theme, films produced in Israel, and films with a Jewish producer, director, or significant actor.)
  • An independent cultural arts organization with not-for-profit status under the auspices of the Jewish Community Association of Austin
  • A financially self-managed organization

Why We Exist:

  • To entertain, educate, and provoke thought in the Jewish community by providing a cinematic examination of Jewish life and culture
  • To build cultural bridges to the non-Jewish community by exhibiting films on topics of concern to the Jewish community

What Do We Do?

  • Promote the appreciation of Jewish films through:
    • Film screenings
    • M.A.F.I.A. (Make a Film in a Day) project
    • Special Events
    • Group presentations
    • Education
    • Serving as a resource for Jewish film-related matters in Austin
    • Adding value to screenings through:
      • Additional programming such as director/actor presentations
      • Linkage to partner groups

Our Strategic Objectives:

  • To execute a week long Film Festival in a movie theater each year
  • To conduct quarterly special events such as film screenings, autonomously or in partnership with other groups
  • To remain fiscally responsible and maintain a positive cash flow