2016/5777 Austin Jewish Film Festival

On September 10-11, 2016


Lights! Camera! Chutzpah! (Formerly called M.A.F.I.A)

A Jewish Teen Film making Workshop (September 10-11, 2016) is less than 2 months away and registration is now open!
We are seeking applicants for this free 24 hr. sleepover event so we are hoping you share the information with teens Ages 13-17 (and welcome back if you’ve already participated).

Are you a teen Age 13-17? What’s the Jewish story you want to tell?

You don’t have to be Jewish, just willing to make shorts, PSAs and trailers using Jewish themes, context and humor. It is an extraordinary opportunity and is generously underwritten by the Austin Jewish Film Festival. The films will be screened as part of the AJFF Sunday, November 6. This year’s festival is November 5-11.

Visit our school for more information and Registration!